Clarke's Chimney Services Inc.


What Is Involved In...

Chimney Sweeping / Cleaning

Our standard sweep service for solid fuel systems involves power sweeping stage 1, and stage 2 creosote deposits from the chimney, venting components, and firebox.  A System Evaluation is always included.

During the standard sweeping service, our Technician will conduct a basic evaluation (not a WETT Inspection) of the system component conditions that are readily accessible, and observed during sweeping.  

For a more in depth evaluation, a WETT Inspection is recommended.  

No Mess, Professional Service

During the chimney cleaning sweep service, we ensure that no dust or mess will be created or left behind by taking all the necessary precautions to protect your home.

We lay drop cloths around the fireplace or wood-burning appliance opening and use a high powered vacuum to control the chimney soot, ash and dust.  

Professional Service | WETT Certified

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Power Sweep Chimney Cleaning Equipment

A power sweeping tool is considered far superior than the old, standard brush and rod, hand powered chimney sweeping method.  The power sweeping tool hooks up to a drill and spins inside the flue to sweep stage 1, and 2 creosote deposits. The gentle bristles on the power sweep tool head are designed to provide a maximum clean sweep without damaging your chimney flue or wood-burning appliance.  

We offer a flat rate for our standard chimney sweeping service with up to 60-90 minutes on site.  If you require any additional services in addition to the standard sweep service, we recommend letting us know while booking so that we can ensure enough time is allocated for the service appointment.